Puppies & Older Dogs Available


I will discourage indiscriminate breeding,  bearing in mind always the welfare of the bitch as a primary consideration and the long term welfare of any puppies bred. Nor will I knowingly sell any puppy to a dealer or pet shop

I will not breed from any stock which has, or may carry, any serious hereditary faults. In particular, I will not allow any dog to be used at stud if he has, or could carry, serious hereditary faults and I will be very selective of the bitches on which he is used".

As an exhibitor I will enjoy and applaud other people's success, be welcoming to newcomers and ensure so far as I am able that my dogs behave quietly on the bench".

As a judge I will act with courtesy and integrity to all exhibitors, with judge according to the standard of points and will consider as part of my decisions the temperament and physical condition of the dogs judged