Results for 2012

The Point's Year runs from January to December. 2012 winners shown below Congratulations to All



Top Dog Hunt's, Ch Cwmdarhian Hogan's Hero at Carpaccio 105 Pts
Top Bitch Norton's, Ch Matzell Mildred   85 Pts
Top Stud Dog Cooper's, Ch Sontag Simon Le Bone    35 Pts   
Top Brood Bitch McDonald's, Ch & Am Ch Hampdach Classic Gold at Bensarka 30 Pts
Top Breeder Norton's - Matzell 90 Pts    3 CC Winners
Top Puppy Macdonald's Bensarka Cheeky Vimto 50 Pts
Top Dog Coxon's Ch D'Arisca I Do Declare 90 Pts

Top Bitch

Hunt's, Ch Cwmdarhian Back to Alabama at Carpaccio 65 Pts
Top Stud Dog Voaden's Ch Bronia L'Infinito 30 Pts
Top Brood Bitch Kent's, Clentry Sea Flower at Stargang 25 Pts
Top Breeder Ergis's - Siouxline 5 CC Winners
Top Puppy Ergis's, Siouxline Zebeddee 70 Pts  

The Brellimuk Trophy presented by Bruni Miller (Australia) to be won by the member winning the most points at the March/August shows, under the following system:  

1st prize = 4 points, 2nd = 3, 3rd = 2 and 4th = 1. 

The winner for 2011  for the 3rd Year running was Mr & Mrs Kent's Lokmadi Miniature Smooths with 33 Points