2023 Open Show


Judge :  Sandra Johnston (Burntvale)


Best of Breed - Chaunan's Ch Adnerbs Take a Chance on Me at Raajput

Best Dog - Chaunan's Ch Raajput's Blacky Returns

Reserve Best Dog -

Best Puppy Dog - Hunt's Carpaccio Red Knight

Best Bitch - Chaunan's Ch Adnerbs Take a Chance on Me at Raajput

Reserve Best Bitch - Stark's Adnerbs Not on your Nellie Gobannium

Best Puppy Bitch  Raajput's Canadian Winter with Wakywilks

Best Puppy -  Hunt's Carpaccio Red Knight

Best Veteran - Kerry's Ch Kireton Beau Diddley


Veteran Dog or Bitch (4,2)

1st Kerry's Ch Kireton Beau Diddley

2nd Valentine's Tiffwazz Robin


Minor Puppy Dog (2)

1st Hunt's Carpaccio Red Knight

2nd Chaunan's Raajput's Cover Story


Puppy Dog (4)

1st Young's Craimose Adonis

2nd Marvale Chancellor at Ravold

3rd Fantastic Frank

Res Retrohound Hermes


Junior Dog (1)

1st Jacksondax Horney Hurrah


Post Graduate Dog (2,1)

1st Hinwood's Adnerb Sheer Nanagins at Longmel


Limit Dog (4, 1)

1st Small's Almaznyi Laretz Ershalaim at Devondax

2nd Starkey's Carpaccio Magnum Pi at Hamoura

3rd Skywalker Blue


Open Dog (2)

1st Chaunan's Ch Raajput's Blacky Returns

2nd Heel's Daxanory Menacing Dennis


Minor Puppy Bitch (1)

1st  Raajput's Canadian Winter with Wakywilks


Puppy Bitch (3)

1st Craimose Freesia

2nd Tomlinson's Melisdax Memories of May

3rd Hinwood's Longmel Rufflette Truffle


Junior Bitch (2)

1st Marsh's Marshwick Holly Berry

2nd Tomlinson's Melisdax Magnolia in May


Post Graduate Bitch (7,3)

1st Stark's Adnerbs Not on your Nellie Gobannium

2nd Heel's Daxanory Ravishing Meg

3rd Valentine's Amlida Tamora to Tiffwazz

Res Hinwood's Longmel Rufflette Truffle


Limit Bitch (5, 1)

1st Hunt's Lauralee Joan of Arc at Carpaccio

2nd Paterson's Cwmdarhian The Mistress

3rd SHinwood's Longmel Special Truffle

Res Ulybka Fortuny Zlatovlaska at Devondax


Open Bitch (1)

1st Chaunan's Ch Adnerbs Take a Chance on Me at Raajput

Many thanks to the Committee for this special invitation I had a super day. Hospitality was excellent and I loved the chance to recall past times and characters over coffee before judging. My Best in Show went to the Bitch. A super example of the breed. Best puppy in breed was the MPB who was the full sister to the Best Dog but from a later mating. Vet. D/B (4,2 ) Veterans are a huge credit to their breeders and owners and play a part in showcasing the breed as it ages. These two were in great condition and very fit belying their age.  1. Kerry's Ch Kireton Beau Diddley. Excellent head shape, correct eye looking back at me with a wise and calm expression! Super front assembly with elbows tucked in and a well supported crook.Well laid shoulder, Level topline, Good underline leading to nicely angulated hammy quarters. Moved well round the ring with good reach and drive. BV. 2. Valentine's Tiffwazz Robin This girl has a pretty head with a feminine expression, dark eye, head held on strong neck, neat front with lovely keel and elbows tucked in. Good body shape and level topline. Firm quarters. Good feet.  MPD (2 ) Close class here and I am quite sure they will change places several times under others. 1 Hunt's Carpaccio Red Knight  Good masculine head set on strong neck. Nicely boned and balanced. Level topline. Well muscled behind. Would have preferred a touch more layback to shoulder but moved slightly better overall to take the class. BPD. RBD.  2 Chauhan's Raajput's Cover Story beautifully presented. Super head, dark eye strong neck and neat front. Good length to body, firm behind. Very slightly down on pastern at the moment however this should improve with maturity. PD (4 )1. Young's Craimose Adonis. Handsome and masculine with good head, correctly shaped eye. Cheeky expression. Neck strong. Front neat with good bone and feet but I would have preferred just a touch more layback. Sturdy body good ribbing, level topline. Nicely angulated quarters. Moved with confidence. 2  Graham's Marvale Chancellor at Ravold Another masculine youngster, Typical head, dark eye, tidy front,  good keel, Firm body with good topline and underline. Active mover but would just prefer a slightly lower hock. 3 Rycroft's Fantastic Frank.  JD (1)  Rycroft's Jacksondax Hornet Hurrah Just out of puppy and still with plenty maturing to come.  Keel developing well. Side profile shows good length but still needs to deepen in body. Happy and active on the move. In tune with his handler. PGD (2,1 )Hinwood's Adnerb Sheer Nanagins at Longmel. A lot to like in this boy. Masculine in outlook, Typical head with good eye shape and expression, Neat front with deep chest, tight elbow, good bone and feet, Profile is balanced,  Well ribbed body, level topline and good underline.  Well angulated hindquarters. Just needs to firm up in hind movement but will be interesting to watch this one progress.  LD (4,1) Small's 1 Almaznyi Laretz Ershalaim at Devondax. Attractive exhibit. Pleasing head and eye. . Strong neck. Well laid shoulder, neat elbows and deep chest, nicely boned all through. Plenty body, Level topline Good rear angulation and moved  well.    2  Starkey's Carpaccio Magnum PI at Hamoura. Side profile is balanced showing pleasing head, neck flows into good lay of shoulder.  Plenty body, topline is level.  Hind movement was rather unsettled. 3 Rycroft's Skywalker Blue.  OD ( 2) 1 Chauhan's Ch Raajput's Blacky Returns  Impressive dog with super head, correctly shaped eye, strong neck fitting well onto shoulder with good layback. Well angulated in front with elbow fitting neatly and keel supported by correct front. Firm body with good ribs, level topline, very good quarters with plenty muscle, nicely angulated and good rear drive. BD, RBIS 2 Heels' Daxanory Menacing Dennis lively attractive red. Pleasing head and confident expression. Good length of neck and neat front. Slightly shorter in body than first. Nicely boned overall and moved easily round the ring. 

MPB (1) 1 Wilkinson's Raajput's Canadian Winter with Wakywilks NAF Lovely youngster and liked her a lot. Balanced overall, Feminine. Pretty head, nice eye, deep chest, Shoulders well laid, All providing correct angulation in front. Good length to body, ribbing goes well back, Firm topline. Hindquarters well muscled and low hocks. On the move she was slightly loose on pasterns but this will surely tighten as she matures. I fill follow her progress with interest. BPB and my BPIS. PB (3) 1 Gentle & Young's  Craimose Freesia Pleasing head and neat front, good keel, sturdy body with level topline, nicely angulated behind tight feet and moved best in this class. 2 Tomlinson's Melisdax Memories of May. Another pretty exhibit. Typical head and eye, enough length of neck. Well laid shoulder A touch narrow in front at present for me but good length of body and firm quarters. 3  Roberts & Smith's Craimose Aquilegia for Rayol. JB (2) 1 Burke's Marshwick Holly Berry Slightly lighter mould but a pretty girl with pleasing head, strong neck, chest is well supported and front is neat. Sturdy body and moved poditively holding her topline well.   2  Tomlinson's Melisdax Magnolia in May.Still a puppy and giving away to the more mature winner. However she is balanced and nicely bones. Pretty head and good eye, Tidy front. Firm body. Well muscled hindquarters. PGB ( 7,1) 1 Stark's  Adnerb's Not on Your Nellie Gobannium JW Took my eye on entering the ring. This lady has balance and elegance, Good bone throughout, very pleasing head with correct eye. Neck flows into well placed shoulders with the correct angulation. Elbows tucked neatly in and keel held comfortably in the crook. Firm body, good ribs, level topline,  well angulated hindquarters, low hocks used well on the move turning neither out nor in and covering ground easily. Will watch her progress with interest. RBB 2 Heels' Daxanory Ravishing Meg Another balanced and pretty girl. Correct head, strong neck, tidy front good feet . Well bodied and with nicely angulated quarters. Moved well. 3 Valentine's Amlida Tamora to Tiffwazz. LB ( 5,1) 1 Hunt's Lauralee Joan of Arc at Carpaccio close decision. Both girls had lots to like. Correct head and eye, good neck length,  excellent outline, neat front construction. Ribs go well back and lead to muscled quarters. Moved well. 2  Paterson's Cwmdarian the Mistress so many of the same virtues as 1. Feminine and balanced, neat front good layback of shoulder, well bodied with good ribbing and firm quarters.  3. Hinwood's Longmel Special Truffle. OB ( 1) 1  Chauhan's Ch Adnerbs Take a Chance on Me at Raajput.. An absolutely super girl. Correctly shaped head, Eye shape and colour spot on. Strong neck flowed into well laid shoulder with correct angulation. Chest is well supported and elbows sit  perfectly. Keel flows back and angles up toards rear.  This with long ribcage helps create a super outline, firm in topline and leading to strong and muscled hindquarters.  Hocks were low, turning neither out nor in. Super easy ground covering movement. She owned the ring. BB BIS.