March 2012 Open Show


MINI SMOOTH V. (1). 1. Maygers', Woolsocks Black Satin. B/t 8 year old bitch. Nice head and expression. Good length. Level topline. Moved very soundly. MPD. (4). 1. Ergis's, Siouxline Zebedee. B/t. Promising young man. Very confident. Good head, muzzle and underjaw. Good forechest. Long neck with good shoulders and plenty of ribcage. Level topline. Low hocks. Moved very soundly. A very promising puppy. BD, BP and BPIS. 2. Shukers', Yewlitt Dougal. Different type to winner but very typy. Nice head. Good topline. Hard condition. 3. Punter's, Welcumen Guinness. JD. (2,1). 1. Kent and Levendales', Lokmadi Oceans Eleven JW. Not long out of puppy. Masculine head. Good profile when stacked. Kept topline on the move. Sound mover. ND. (1). Siouxline Zebedee. PGD. (6,2). 1. Shutts', Donnadoon Le Mousquetaire. Nice dog. Not overdone in anyway. Good feet. Level topline. Moved soundly. 2. Ergis's, Melbourne Holdsworth James Wolfe by Sioxline. Smart boy. Masculine head. Long neck. Good topline. Low hocks. Moved well. 3. Yeomans', Klynerbyner True to Form. OD. (2,1). 1. Yoemans', Klynerbyner Vim and Vigour. Typy dog. Good head, kind expression. Correct shoulder placement. Kept topline on the move. RBD. MPB. (5,1). 1. Shutt's, Donnadoon That's My Girl. B/t. Baby of good quality. Nice type. Feminine head. Nice outline. Hard condition. Moved well. Should mature into a nice bitch. 2. Oakley and Pearsond's, Ardenrun Burnished Gold. Another promising puppy. Very feminine, appealing expression. Good neck and shoulders. Moved quite well. 3. Walker's, Donnadoon Tiger Feet for Dorenian. PB. (13,5). 1. Ergis's, No Name Given. B/t. Quality puppy. Lovely head and expression. Nice in profile. Good length and plenty of ribbing. Level topline moving and stacked. Correct angulation o hindquarters. Covers ground and very sound. RPB. 2. Melbourne, Holdsworth and Ergis's, Melriding Berengaria. Red puppy. Litter sister to winner. Another nice puppy who could change places with her sister. Stood four square. Nice outline. Moved nicely. 3. Oakley and Pearson's, Ardenrun Serena. JB. (8,3). 1. Callows', Garthorne Tiger Lily. Brindle. Very feminine. Kind expression. Low to ground. Level topline. Strong neck, good shoulders and length of ribcage. Moved very soundly with drive. In excellent condition. 2. Kent and Levendales', Lokmadi Hidden Dragon. Another quality youngster. Close up to winner. Moved well. 3. Hunt's, Cwmdarhian Back to Alabama at Carpaccio. NB. (5,1). 1. Sioux Alliance with Melriding. 2. Shukers', Hudemoor Much Ado at Yewlitt. Pretty girl. Feminine all through. Good depth of brisket. Quite sound. 3. Kent and Levendales', Crouching Tiger. PGB. (9,1). 1. Salisbury's, Brocklewood Black Velvet. B/t. Lovely feminine bitch. Stunning outline. Lovely head and expression. Long neck, good shoulder set. Correct depth in front. Excellent topline and plenty of length. Low hocks. Well angulated hindquarters. Moved with dribe keeping her topline at all times. BB, BOB and RBIS. 2. Reeds', Cedax Octavia Surprise for Deercroft JW. By the same sire as winner. Not a lot to choose between these two. Similar remarks as winner. 3. Hughes's, Batendach Coppa Rose for Julidachs. LB. (13,4). 1. Punter's, Jentiki Kendle for Welcumen. R/b. Nice head, kind expression. Good depth of keel plenty of length. Level topline and moved with drive. 2. Hughs's, Minimead Made to Love for Julidachs. Another very nice bitch. Good head, shoulders and topline. Moved well. In good condition. 3. Kerry's, Kireton Agnes. OB. (4,2). 1. Kent and Llevendales', Tonijavae Indian Passion at Lokmadi JW. Long neck, good shoulder placement. Deep brisket. Level topline. Moved soundly with drive. 2. Reeds', Deercroft Devotion JW. Close up to winner. Kind expression. Well set shoulders. Level topline moving and stacked. Strode out well.
I Potts



This entry appeared: issue 20/4/12


Open  show:DACHSHUND SMOOTH HAIRED: Thank you to the Officers and Committee  for the invitation to judge at this excellently run and well supported show.  There were a number of absentees - I am sure petrol shortages didn't help. I  love the Smooths and was looking for a well balanced, correctly constructed  hound with no exaggerations and free flowing movement. I was therefore  concerned at some of the movement which was poor on both the floor surface and  mats. Had the judging been outside some of the placings may have been  different. I find that squatting down in the ring gives a much better perspective  of how the dogs are really moving. There was quite a diversity in size and some  keels were very low. I was looking for enough ground clearance to allow free  movement. Construction concerns included some long loins, poor hindquarters and  forward placed and/or upright shoulders, which impacts free movement. Some dogs  appeared too long in the body - this looks worse with forward placed shoulders  and incorrectly angulated hindquarters. The breed standard states that height  at the withers should be half the length of the body, measured from breastbone  to the rear of thigh. Correct build generally achieves good movement unless the  dog has sustained an injury or is overweight. A question to consider when  choosing breeding stock is whether there should be less emphasis on specific  features and more emphasis on correct construction, soundness and overall  balance (whilst not losing the quality and overall breed type). We have seen a  number of overseas stock brought into Britain and although this widens the gene  pool perhaps some of these lines do not always suit some of the British lines?  From what I saw today, I feel some construction issues need to be addressed  which may be improved within two or three generations with careful selection  and detailed knowledge of the whole of the pedigrees of breeding stock. This is  of course only my opinion, but I say it with the best interests of the breed in  mind. However I was delighted with my main winners. There were some tough  decisions and I judged according to my interpretation of the breed standard -  not forgetting Sayers and the Kennel Club's 'Fit for Function' website. As  always my decisions were based on how the dogs appeared and performed on the  day. PD (2,1) 1 Trafford's Dabrenhof Nadal. B/T Good head and eye, good  length of neck, prominent breastbone. Lost topline a little on the move but has  plenty of time to mature. J (3) The first two could change places on  another occasion but neither moved well today. 1 Hunt's Cwmdarhian Hogan's Hero  at Carpaccio. B/T Masculine head, and good feet. Won on his height to length  ratio and balanced outline. 2 Ellis's Tealby Red Between The Lines. Good head  & eye. Prominent forechest. Nicely handled as all were from this kennel. 3  Lewis & Eddie's Kauldwell Tango In The Nite. N (1) 1 Ellis Tealby  Red Between The Lines. L (6,3) 1 Rawson's Rosenket Nostra Damus. BOB,  BIS. Very masculine B&T, teeming with breed type, really well balanced and  soundly constructed dog. Good head & eye, good length of neck leading to  well laid, correctly angulated shoulders and prominent breastbone. Good bone  and feet. Excellent length of ribbing and short, strong loin. Correctly  angulated hindquarters. Moved extremely well, had reach in front and drive from  the rear viewed from all angles and really stood out today. Should gain his  title. See from the catalogue he is already passing on his qualities. Wonderful  dog and really delighted he was awarded BIS. 2 Tite's Rijobeau Hot On Ya Heels.  Masculine dog, prominent breastbone, good length of ribbing, slightly longer in  loin than winner. Plenty of bone and good feet. Preferred head, hind angulation  and movement of the winner. 3 Linacre's Cavalleria Rusticana. O (4,2)  1ST &RBD Tite's Ch Rijobeau Caught Red Handed. Showy red masculine dog.  Good head & eye. Strong jaw. Good length of ribbing, firm topline and  strong hindquarters. Moved with drive. In the challenge, preferred the  shoulders and front movement of the BOB winner. 2 Chauhan's Hampdach Man in  Black. Another masculine dog, lower to ground than first and movement was not  as good. Lovely condition and nicely handled and presented. MPB (4) Some  nice puppies all at varying stages of development. 1 Chauhan's Honey Crips.  Very feminine with good head. Lovely temperament and best movement in this  class. 2 Lockett- Walter's Ralines Dirty Dancin. C/T. Just six months so giving  away a lot in age. 3 Kerry's Ralines Pretty Woman at Kireton. PB (4,1) 1  BP & RBPIS Rawson's Rosenket Queen of Hearts. A lovely feminine C/T with  beautiful head and expression. Excellent front and feet. Well constructed and  balanced throughout, really good shoulders and hindquarters. Kept a firm  topline on the move. Moved true from all angles. See she is sired by the BOB  winner so he is passing on his good qualities. 2 Chauhan's Sapphire Razzle.Lovely  head and expression, really feminine bitch but a little longer in loin and  didn't move so well. 3 Lockett- Walter's Ralines Back to the Future. J (3,2) 1 Bethel's Hampdach Coraline. Lovely red bitch, very eye catching.  Beautiful head & eye. Well constructed throughout with good neck,  shoulders, topline and strong, correctly angulated hindquarters. Her  conformation gave her good and true movement. Beautifully presented and  handled. N (4,2) 1 Bethel's Hampdach Coraline. Just had the edge on  maturity in this class. 2 Rosenket Queen of Hearts. 3 Ralines Back to the  Future. PG (5,2) 1st & BB Bethel's Hampdach Copperhead Rose. Loved  this feminine and typy red bitch. Well constructed and balanced throughout.  Beautiful head & expression. Good length of neck with well laid shoulders.  Really good hindquarters, moved well from all angles. Beautifully handled. In  the challenge she was the perfect feminine counterpart to the masculinity of  the dog. He just had the edge on movement to win the BOB. 2 Ellis's Tealby Little  Dorrit. Beautiful classic outline, just preferred the movement of the winner. 3  Lewis & Eddie's Kaudwell State of Play. L (5,2) 1st & RBB  Turner's Marictur Moulin Rouge. Feminine red. Pretty head & expression.  Good length of ribbing. A little more length to neck would complete the  picture. Won on her movement. 2 Ellis's Tealby TittleTittle. Really liked her  overall make and shape but preferred front movement of the winner. 3 Rawson's  Rosenket Nectar of the Gods. O (6,5) 1 Cooper's CH Hacienda Lo N Behold  it's Sontag. Red. Lovely head & eye. Larger bitch but balanced. Slightly  overweight with a milky underline, which cost her in the challenge. Very well  handled.
    Debbie Brettell